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Visual Cash is a management software aimed at those who want to keep their finances in order, professionally.

The program includes many different options for you to control expenses and make your own budgets based on the data you provide. You can also receive a detailed report on your income and expenditure.

Visual Cash also lets you keep track of your bank accounts, and keep a day-to-day control on their balance.

It has a list of accounts organized in 14 main categories that are completely customizable. They help you recognize the origin of your expenses, and making the necessary adjustments to balance your finances.

Besides, Visual Cash offers you comprehensive graphics that summarize your account's conditions, and some additional tools like a calculator and a calendar, so you can make any calculations and set up dates from the program itself.

To try out the program you have to register for free the first time you start it.


Limited to 30 sessions or 30 days of use.

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